Department Overview: The City of Hastings Fire Department provides both Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). These services are provided by a combination of full-time career and paid-on-call personnel. Currently there are 12 full-time Paramedic/Firefighters, 3 Shift Captains and 29 paid-on-call Firefighter/EMT's.  Our administrative staff Includes 2 Chief Officers, 1 Inspector, and 1 Fire Services Office Manager. The department protects the cities of Hastings, Vermillion, and surrounding townships.  

Fire and Rescue Services: The Fire Department is dedicated to the preservation of life, safety, and protection of property.  We provide efficient and effective services of the highest quality in: fire suppression, rescues, and hazardous materials, natural and man-made disasters. In 2015 the department responded to 555 fire and rescue incidents.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS): The Department provides both Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances. Ambulances are staffed by Paramedics, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). In 2015 the department responded to 2940 EMS incidents. 

Fire Prevention: The department provides fire safety, and fire prevention education to schools, civic groups, as well as businesses, and residents. The department inspections staff also works with the planning department, public works, and the building department to maintain fire code compliance and ensure a safer community for our residents, and visitors.