Electric Vehicles

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Why should you drive electric?

There are so many reasons drivers make the switch to electric vehicles. Here are some reasons why you should consider going electric:

  • Public charging options are more readily available and growing
  • They're less expensive to fuel because electricity prices are cheaper than gas
  • Fueling your car with electricity can reduce emissions to about 1/3 of conventional vehicles*
  • Reduced maintenance costs saves money on oil changes, tune-ups, and parts
  • Federal tax credits, local vehicle incentives, and a growing inventory of used vehicles help make EVs more affordable
  • They're smooth-shifting with powerful acceleration and a quiet motor

EV Types

For additional information about your electric vehicle, email the EV team at Xcel Energy electricvehicles@xcelenergy.com or call 800-895-4999 to speak with one of their energy advisors.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle


You can charge at home and on the go.

You're thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV), or maybe you’ve just made the purchase. Now what? Plugging in to fuel your EV is as simple as it sounds. We can help you get set to ensure you’re ready to fuel at home or on the road.

Ev TAble

Step 2 - Select Your Electric Pricing Plan

Standard Pricing Plan 
If you prefer to charge your vehicle and use energy in your home whenever you want at the same price all day, the standard pricing plan is your go-to option.

EV Pricing Plan 
The EV Pricing Plan is ideal for EV drivers who charge their vehicles at night and on weekends, but need to use a lot of electricity for other activities during the day. Pricing is about half the amount of the standard residential rate for overnight charging—and double the rate to charge during the day.

Time of Day Pricing Plan 
The Time of Day Pricing Plan is ideal for those who prefer to charge their vehicle at night and on weekends and can wait to run major appliances in the late evening or overnight.

Step 3 - Install a Charging Station with the Help of an Electrician

Check out our list of EV electricians who are familiar with installing charging stations and understand our electric pricing plans.

Did you know there's an EV fast-charger in Fridley? 

Check out this map to find a place to plug in.

Now You Can Charge With Clean Energy

In addition to choosing a different pricing plan and upgrading your charger, you have the option to get some or all of your energy from renewable sources. Windsource gives you the option to pay a little extra every month to get as much wind energy as you want to fuel your vehicle. To get more info and complete the online application, visit our Windsource page.