Winter Reminders

Snow Emergency Policy

A Snow Emergency AUTOMATICALLY goes into effect when two or more inches of snow has accumulated. Vehicles must be moved off the street until the road has been cleared from curb to curb. Cars that are in violation may be ticketed and towed.The cost of a Snow Emergency parking violation is $77.

Snow Emergency Notification

Don't risk getting a ticket! Sign up to receive a text message, email, or phone call when we begin Snow Emergency cleanup procedures. Learn more on our text notification page.

Public Parking Options During Snow Emergency

Residents may need to utilize public parking lots during a Snow Emergency to avoid getting ticketed and towed. Please see the attachment below to review our public parking options.

Map of Public Parking Lots

Extended Snowfall

During an extended storm, when snow continues to fall for an extended period of time, our cleanup requires multiple passes and can take longer to complete. You are still required to keep vehicles off the street until the snow storm has ended and the street has been plowed to its full width.


If your vehicle has been towed, it will be taken to Southeast Towing. You can reach them at 651-437-2446.

Shovel Sidewalks

City code requires you to clear sidewalks on your property within 48 hours after the end of a snowfall for general public safety. 


Seconds count during an emergency. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please remember to shovel a path to the hydrant and a three foot area around the hydrant so emergency personnel can access the hydrant in an emergency. Check the location of the hydrant nearest to your home. If this task is a burden for the homeowner, please offer to assist.

Garbage and Recycling Bins

Please do NOT place your garbage and recycling bins in the street during winter. This causes problems for our snowplows. You can put cans in your driveway, or on the curb. The lift arm on garbage/recycling trucks can reach to pick up cans up to two feet away from the curb.

Designated Snowmobile Routes

The city has designated snowmobile routes to allow snowmobile enthusiasts to access trails outside of town. Check our Snowmobiles page for details, hours of operation, and a map of routes in town.