Energy Action Plan

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Hastings Energy Action Plan 

The City of Hastings is teaming up with Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy to help residents and businesses save energy and money.

Hastings Energy Action Team, consisting of residents, business, and community leaders, together with City government and utility representatives, developed an Energy Action Plan to ensure all residents and businesses have the opportunity to increase energy efficiency, save money, and improve quality of life. The plan includes near-term initiatives to make energy efficiency easier and more attractive to Hastings residents and businesses and longer-term ideas that will set Hastings on the right course well into the future.

Our Energy Vision

Through increased education and engagement, Hastings residents and businesses will adopt energy-saving behaviors and increase their homes or facility's energy efficiency to enhance their quality of life and save energy and money.

Resources to help save energy - and money

Utilities offer a wide range of energy services and additional support to help reduce energy and save money in the form of rebates, education, assistance, and financial programs.

If your utility bills are difficult to manage, extra resources are available to help you reduce your energy expenses.