YMCA Equity Innovation Center - Hastings Partnership

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This fall, the Hastings community will become involved in the planning and goal-setting process of the diversity, inclusion and equity resolution put forth by the Hastings City Council and the ISD 200 School Board. To achieve these goals, the city and school district have chosen to partner with the YMCA Equity Innovation Center.

Through a series of specific steps, the Equity Innovation Center will help to guide us on this journey. The facilitator-guided process is scheduled to take about 18 months and is free to community members thanks to the support of the City of Hastings, District 200, and the YMCA. It is important to note that Y facilitators will be here to guide Hastings in identifying and solving our specific community issues; they will not provide us with a prefabricated plan. Because of this, community involvement in the process is necessary for success and sustainability. To become involved, please register on our main page


Community Engagement Process:


Community Think Tank

The initial step beginning in September will be to develop our community agenda relating to the equity initiative. This interactive process will engage multiple stakeholders to collaborate on a vision for what an inclusive city can be. The process will help us identify the challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

Equity Innovation Lab

This initial process will lead us into a series of community engagement sessions in which community members will walk through hands-on experiential learning to develop a common understanding of identified challenges. These sessions, followed by hands-on learning assignments, will be facilitated over a four-month period and will be open to all community members.


All interested community members will also go through a train-the-trainer session, which will prepare them with the knowledge to facilitate discussions and organize support around equity issues as they come up in the future.

Developing Long Term Goals and Community Impact

Following the community-engagement sessions, we will set up locally sustainable oversight of the diversity and inclusion initiative by using the collective impact model. YMCA facilitators will provide guidance and support as a steering committee and community committees are set up for success. This process will give Hastings the tools we need to collaborate to keep this initiative and goal of being a welcoming community for all going into the future.

Equity Leadership Institute

In 2019, we will be rolling out an Equity Leadership Institute designed for businesses and organizations to send their employees and volunteers through an equity certification program here in Hastings. More information will be available in 2019. You can sign up your organization here in order to stay connected to the latest information.