Crosswalk Installation Policy

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The City strives to provide safe, accessible, and efficient travel for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians, bicycles, and motor vehicles by installing and maintaining marked crosswalks at locations where there is substantial conflict between vehicle and pedestrian movements, where significant pedestrian concentrations occur, and where pedestrians would not otherwise recognize the proper place to cross. A consistent application of this policy will best serve both the pedestrian and the motorist.

To that end, the City adopted a Policy on the Installation of Pedestrian Crosswalks in June of 2017 to institute a process for reviewing and evaluating applicability of enhanced crosswalk requests from the general public as well as for City project areas.  The City reviews all requests made from the general public in the fall of each year, making final recommendations to the City Council late in the calendar year and any new enhancements are directed for implementation the following spring.

Please see the Policy on the Installation of Pedestrian Crosswalks for detailed information about this process.