Heritage Preservation Commission

Meeting Date: 3rd Tuesday of the month
Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Hastings City Hall

The City of Hastings prides itself on its historical and interesting past, from the first buildings to the first residents. Because of these factors, the City has committed itself to historical, architectural, archaeological, engineering, and cultural heritage and preservation. 

The Heritage Preservation Commission works with property owners to retain the historical and unique past of our community. The Commission identifies significant sites throughout the City for preservation. Research and surveys assist the commission in identifying properties with important and interesting factors which contribute to the historical feeling of Hastings. Once a property is identified, the Commission may recommend that it be deemed a Heritage Preservation Site.

Most of the Commission's time is devoted to the review of proposed changes to Heritage Preservation Sites. This review of work, before a permit is issued, is meant to protect the historical property by retaining the historically significant aspects of the property. The commission will also assist property owners during the planning phase.

Nine voting members make up the Heritage Preservation Commission, and there is an emphasis on a prospective commissioner's related background for this commission. Residents with experience in architecture, history, archaeology, planning, design, real estate, building trades, and landscape architecture are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge.

Interested in becoming a commissioner on the Heritage Preservation Commission? Apply here!

Interested in learning more about the Heritage Preservation Commission, view the Historic Preservation page here for more information.  

Purpose of the HPC Presentation

Here is a presentation of the purpose of the HPC. Click on the note bubbles in the upper left corner of some pages. Purpose of the HPC Presentation

Hastings Historic Handbook                                                                                                   

In 1985 the City of Hastings Heritage Preservation Commission created this handbook with the help of many volunteers and donated photographs as acknowledged on page 6. The purpose of this handbook is to give a visual history of Hastings through its many historic photographs.  While the people in the photographs may no longer be with us, most of the buildings an scenery still are, with the support of the community, we can hold on to them for generations. We have made this digital copy available, since it has been out of print for over a decade and cannot be reprinted due to the changes in printing technology. Hastings Historic Handbook (14MB PDF)

Preservation Awards   

Every year the Hastings Heritage Preservation Commission looks throughout the city for a few properties that have been properly restored or impeccably maintained. The Commission presents the owners of these properties with a Preservation Award. Here is the presentation for this year's recipients.