Charter Commission

The City of Hastings is a Home Rule Charter city. Home Rule Charter cities can exercise any powers in their locally adopted charters as long as they do not conflict with state laws. Conversely, charter provisions can specifically restrict the powers of a city. Consequently, voters in home rule cities have more control over their city’s powers than voters in statutory cities.

The Hastings Charter addresses election issues, Mayor and Council powers and procedures, taxation and finance procedures, and other miscellaneous provisions relating to official newspapers, acquisition and sale of property, and other general provisions.

Charter Commission is required to meet at least once in a calendar year. There is a 7 member minimum, and 15 member maximum. Members are elected to a four year term, with staggering start dates. The only requirement to be a member is that he or she must be a qualified voter of the city.  Members may hold any type of employment, except for a judicial office.

Current Charter Commission members include: Connie Blasing, Kevin Hoeschen, Jim Holzem, Brian Jones, and David Knak. 

Interested in becoming a member of the Charter Commission? Apply here or contact Julie Flaten at 651-480-2355 for further information.

The Hastings Charter Commission documents, such as Agendas and Minutes, can be found here.