Water Meter Replacement Program

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All water meters will be replaced by 2023

This is a Multi-Year Program

In late 2017, the City began working towards replacing all water meters within the City, and this will continue annually through 2023, with about 950 meters being replaced each year. The existing meter fleet has been in place for up to 20 years, with many meters beginning to lose their ability to perform their essential functions, such as those listed below. 

Photo of Water Meter

  • Loss of accuracy – like with other utilities (gas, electric), accurate usage data is also critical for water consumption to ensure accurate billing, and for infrastructure planning to make sure the systems meet the needs of customers and the community as a whole.
  • Dying batteries in the radio transmission equipment that is necessary to allow for reading of the consumption data.  Most of the batteries are at the end or beyond their expected life span and have begun to fail at higher rates.
  • Other mechanical malfunctions.

New meters are able to perform water consumption measurement with sophisticated electronics and are less prone to loss of accuracy over time.  Ultimately, the new meter system will allow for better accuracy throughout time.

HydroCorp will Perform all Installation Work

The City's contractor, HydroCorp, performs all notifications and scheduling of appointments with each year's group of properties receiving meter replacement.  Affected property owners receive mailed notifications requesting a return call to schedule an appointment or scheduling via their dedicated project website.   Please see HydroCorp's project website for further information.