Small Cell Equipment Aesthetic Requirements

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As cellular phone and wireless data technology continues to develop, the next step in the evolution is 5G.  This step in the evolution requires smaller antenna stations distributed in more frequent locations around cities, and especially in locations where signal strength is currently poor.

As mandated by the Federal Communications Commission, and to stay ahead of the emerging deployment of smaller scale cellular antenna technology, the City of Hastings adopted requirements for aesthetics of small cell wireless equipment facilities in the City's public rights of way.  Carriers that apply for permission to install such devices on City vertical infrastructure or to make new installations within the City's public rights of way will need to submit detailed information on aesthetic attributes of a proposed installation to the City for review and approval.  For further detail, please see the policy as adopted by the Hastings City Council on April 15, 2019.

Small Cell Wireless Equipment & Support Structures Aesthetics Policy - Adopted April  15, 2019