A Snow Emergency AUTOMATICALLY goes into effect when 2 or more inches of snow have accumulated. Move your vehicle of the street until the road has been cleared from curb to curb. Learn more and sign up for alerts on our Winter Reminders page.



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Streets FAQs

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  • Where do I report potholes?

  • I have a tree in my yard and the branches are hanging over into the street, who takes care of that?

  • I had a lot of branches fall into my yard during the last storm, does the city pick these up?

  • I noticed a sidewalk that is not being cleared of snow, will the city clear it?

  • Why hasn’t a snow plow been by my street yet, I always seem like the last street to be plowed?

  • My car was towed during the last snow storm, who do I contact to get it back?

  • How do I know when a snow emergency is in effect?

  • What should I do if I notice a street light is out or on all of the time?