Highway 316 Project

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IMG_5747Above: Residents and stakeholders attend the third public open house for the project held on April 23, 2019.

MnDOT and the City of Hastings have been working in partnership since late 2017 to develop solutions for an array of publically identified functional and safety concerns along Trunk Highway 316 between its northerly junction with US Highway 61 to just south of Tuttle Drive at the southern City limits.

In December, our cooperative efforts resulted in a scope of features that will provide improvements to safety, traffic flow, and access along this section of the corridor.  The scope includes:

  • Three new compact roundabouts that will improve access to and from local streets and calm traffic, enhancing safety along the corridor.
  • Extensions of trails alongside TH 316 to provide a separated facility for pedestrian and bicycle users.
  • Safe pedestrian crossing facilities to connect these users between places of recreation, commerce, and residence.
  • An urban design with a center median to aid in traffic calming, with access closures to minimize risky left turn activity, thereby improving safety and mobility along the corridor.

The Hastings City Council adopted a resolution in support of this scope in December of 2018, and we are continuing work with MnDOT on the final design phase of the project, as construction is programmed to begin in 2021.  The most up to date drawings of the project layout were presented at a public open house for the project on April 23, 2019.  Below you can view both the presentation given by MnDOT staff, and a PDF version of the layout drawing.

Further information about this project can be found at MnDOT's project web site.