Five-Year Capital Improvements Program

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Above: Excavation for replacement of storm sewer piping in 2018.

The City of Hastings annually issues a five-year outlook and Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for its street and utility infrastructure throughout the City.  The purpose of the CIP is to provide advanced planning guidance for the City to use in decision-making.  All City-owned streets are evaluated periodically to determine their condition and remaining useful life.  This condition data, along with Public Works' staff observations of other infrastructure issues along or underneath the City's streets, as well as financial forecasting and budgeting information, are all used to help prioritize the order in which projects will be proposed for consideration by the Hastings City Council.  The CIP is updated annually as part of the City's budget development process and is included in the appendix of the final approved budget document.  The CIP is a living document, in that it may be adjusted as new information, conditions, or City Council priorities become apparent, and so timelines for projects are subject to change.  Please see below for maps showing which projects are currently in the 5-year CIP.

Five-Year Reconstruction Program CIP
Five-Year Pavement Mill & Overlay CIP

If you have detailed questions about when the street you live on may be up for major construction work, please contact the Engineering Department at (651) 480-2334.