Engineering Department

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General Information

The Hastings Engineering Department is one of the two divisions that make up the Public Works Department.  Department staff consists of the City Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, an Engineering Technician, Staff Engineer, and the Administrative Assistant.  The Department's offices are located at the Cal Ruedy Public Works Facility at 1225 Progress Drive.  Office hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Engineering staff are responsible for a large number of duties; however, their overriding responsibility is to plan, design, and inspect infrastructure construction and reconstruction such as roads, sanitary and storm sewers, water supply, trails, etc. within the City's rights-of-way and easements.  In the fall of each year, staff begins planning for the following year's construction activity by performing research and development of construction plans and specifications.  These plans are most often put out for bidding by prospective contractors in the early spring, with construction work taking place during the summer and early fall.

Technical Assistance/Complaint Response
On an ongoing basis, Engineering staff are available for technical assistance and complaint response in the areas of developer’s site plan review, utility installations, driveway/sidewalk installations and reconstruction, site grading, and other general technical issues.

Please see the Frequently Asked Question page, where you will find answers to many commonly asked questions about infrastructure and reconstruction.