ADA Transition Plan

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted on July 26, 1990, is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability.  This includes pedestrian corridors within public right of way.

Development of Draft Transition Plan
The City of Hastings has conducted a self-evaluation of its public facilities within the public right of way as required by

Title II of ADA, 28 CFR, Part 35 Sec. 35.105 and Sec. 35.150

To help bring infrastructure within the public right of way into ADA compliance the City has adopted an ADA Transition Plan detailing how the organization will ensure that all the facilities are accessible to all individuals.

Future Projects
The ADA Transition Plan seizes the opportunity to require street reconstruction projects such as the annual road reconstruction project and mill and overlay project to include replacement of any insufficient pedestrian ramps.  The City maintains a five year plan of these projects.  Projects are subject to change but serve as a guide as to approximate years a project will be completed.

Other Resources

Questions, Comments, Complaints on ADA Accessibility within Public Right of Way?
Prior to filing a grievance, the public is strongly encouraged to contact the ADA Coordinator to discuss any concerns regarding City facilities. This role is designed to provide a point of contact for the public to address concerns. Please call the ADA Coordinator with your concerns and questions, or use the comment form below.

City of Hastings ADA Coordinator for Public Right of Way

John Caven, P.E.
Assistant City Engineer
1225 Progress Dr
Hastings, MN 55033
(651) 480-2334

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