Dog Licensing/Impound

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The Hastings Police Department would like to remind resident dog owners they are required by City Ordinance to:

  • Obtain a dog license for their dog when the dog reaches the age of six months. 
  • Get the dog inoculated against rabies and keep the dog inoculated against rabies for the entire term of the license. 
  • Ensure the dog wears a collar with the license tag firmly affixed thereto for the term of the license.


Submit completed application, payment or payment information, and current rabies vaccination certificate by:

  • Email:
  • Fax:  651-437-1206
  • Mail:  Hastings Police Department 150 3rd St E, Hastings MN  55033

License Fee

  • $30.00 Lifetime License (spayed or neutered)
  • $45.00 Lifetime License (non-spayed or non-neutered)

Note:  A lifetime license is issued for the life of the dog and has no expiration date

  • $20.00 Two Year License (non-spayed or non-neutered)
  • $12.00 Two Year License (spayed or neutered)

Note:  Two year license term:  August 1 - July 31st bi-annually (every odd year).  A 10% late fee will be applied for those renewing a two year license AFTER August 1st of every odd year.

  • $5.00 Replacement tag


To assist in identifying your pet should it be impounded, we highly encourage pet owners to include a full body photo of their dog with their license application.

If your dog is already licensed, please feel free to email your pet's photo to: Please include your name, along with your pet's name and license number for reference.


Any dog found in the city without a license, or running at large will be placed in an animal impound.  Before the City will authorize release of any impounded dog, the owner of the dog must respond to the Hastings Police Department to pay all impound related fees:      

  • $70.00 Pick Up Fee
  • $30.00 Kennel Cough (Bordetella) Vaccine Fee 
  • $20.00 Storage Fee (per overnight stay) 

The dog owner, if a Hastings resident, will also need to verify the dog is current on rabies vaccination and purchase a dog license, if not already licensed.