2030 Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plan: Shaping Hastings Future

The Comprehensive Plan provides the direction for how the City of Hastings will develop between now and 2030.  It lays out a community’s vision and priorities and describes, where, how, and in some cases when development will occur. It is adopted by the city as a flexible guideline for policymakers, land developers, and land users about how to conserve, rehabilitate, or develop an area while addressing land use, transportation, infrastructure, urban design, and utilities.

Plan Chapters (large files)
  1. Introduction and Summary
  2. Land Use Plan
  3. Transportation Plan
  4. Community Design Plan
  5. Economic Development Plan
  6. Housing Plan
  7. Historic Preservation Plan
  8. Parks, Open Space, and Trails Plan
  9. Mississippi River Critical Area Plan
  10. Wastewater Plan
  11. Water Supply Plan
  12. Surface Water Plan
  13. Implementation Plan