Parks & Recreation FAQs

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  • Forestry

    • Can someone evaluate the health of my trees?

    • Do I need a permit to plant a tree on the boulevard or public right of way?

    • How can I find out what kind of tree to plant?

    • How do I obtain a copy of the Hastings Tree Preservation Guidelines?

    • Who is responsible for the boulevard trees?

  • Hastings Family Aquatic Center

    • Am I a resident of Hastings?

    • Can I bring in my own chair?

    • Can I leave and re-enter?

    • Can we bring coolers and food into HFAC?

    • Can we use strollers or wagons?

    • Do I have to pay if I do not swim?

    • Do you have lockers available for guests?

    • What is the HFAC refund policy?

    • What types of payment does HFAC accept?

    • Why is there a non-resident fee?

  • Parks & Recreation

    • Am I a resident of Hastings?

    • Do the rinks or warming houses close due to weather?

    • How do I report vandalism or other issues?

    • What is the Party Wagon?

    • When are parks open?

    • Why is there a non-resident fee?