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Residential and Commercial accounts are billed quarterly.

Water (WA)

Rates are based upon the water usage for the quarter. The rate has a base amount, an actual usage rate per 1,000 gallons, plus a surcharge to be applied to residential water usage above the winter quarter usage amount.

Sanitary Sewer (SW)

Rates are based on winter quarter water consumption. The winter quarter is the lowest quarter of use for each billing zone. This period ranges from November to March for the various zones because the city bills one-third of the residents each month. This is not applicable to a commercial account.

New residents are charged for an average winter quarter water consumption, which is currently 15,000 gallons per quarter, until they establish their own winter quarter history.

Minnesota Test Fee (MN)

This fee was established by the State of Minnesota and is collected for each connection to a municipal water utility. The state uses the funds to monitor and test drinking water quality.

Storm Water (ST)

A storm water utility is a service similar to the water and sanitary sewer utilities and is charged to existing landowners, similar to a sanitary sewer utility. In the case of storm water, it is based on the amount of storm water runoff generated by each property.

Returned checks

If your check or ACH payment is returned to us by your bank, your account will be charged a returned check fee.  If your account becomes past due because of the returned check, late fees will be applied and disconnection may occur.

Water shut-off

When an account remains unpaid after the second notice, a disconnection notice is sent and a shut off notice is posted on the property.  The water will be shut off on the disconnect date. After the shut off has occurred, there is a reconnect fee that needs to be paid in addition to the outstanding balance before the water will be turned back on.

Delinquent water bill assessed to taxes

On or before October 1st each year, all accounts with an amount past due will be sent a notice of possible assessment of that amount. This notice will be sent to the property owner on record. If no payment is received before December 1st, the bill will be assessed to the property taxes for collection on the next year’s tax statement.

If you have questions about the amount you owe, call Utility Billing (651-480-2356) for clarification


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