Special Assessments & Property Tax

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Special Assessments

Special assessments are fees charged to private property owners for a public project that benefits the property and surrounding area.  Special assessment fees include street and utility projects, unpaid water bills, unpaid tree and weed maintenance bills, and deferred water and/or sewer hookups.

To obtain a payoff figure or a pending amount please submit a request here or call 651-480-2354.

Outstanding balance information is also available on the County's website.  Click on Property Tax Statements.  You can either obtain your electronic property tax statement or contact Dakota County Property Taxation & Records at 651-438-4576. 

If there are questions pertaining to a current year’s road construction project, visit the City of Hastings Public Works department webpage.

Property Tax

Unpaid special assessments will appear on the property tax statement.  Property tax statements are prepared by Washington County and mailed each spring.  If you are responsible for paying your own property tax (for example, you do not escrow with your mortgage company), this statement will include payment coupons due May 15 and October 15 each year.