Benefits of Building Permits

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There are several reasons why a building permit benefits everyone. Consumers who may not have construction expertise will have an experienced inspector to help with many aspects of the construction process. Insurance companies may not cover claims from policyholders/homeowners that do not have a permit or do not have their work inspected.

Having a city inspector review work that has been done assures minimum code is met. A building permit allows the code official to ensure public health, safety and welfare by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of life safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you and others.

Building permits increase the value of your property by showing potential buyers construction work was completed and checked in a legal and proper manner. In addition, building permits produce historical records of maintenance and remodeling work for each property.

Home owners
To help protect homeowners from common construction problems, here are a few guidelines that may help.
  1. Do it yourself guidelines
  2. Reasons why home owners should not get permits for contractors

Other Types of Permits

Some, but not all home maintenance projects must be performed by a qualified and licensed professional. Each of these professionals (i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc.) will need to pull a permit for the work they perform. Call the Building Safety department if you are unsure whether or not you need a permit. Building permit applications can also be downloaded.