City Government

City hall from block 29 

The Mayor and City Council are elected to make decisions on behalf of Hastings' 22,000+ residents. They adopt and oversee the City's annual budget and set the annual property tax levy as one of the funding sources for the budget. The Mayor and Council also are responsible for policy decisions ranging from land use and subdivision applications to program development and awards of contracts.

In the Council-Administrator form of government, the City Administrator is responsible for carrying out the directions of the Council majority. In this way, the Mayor and Council can focus on "big picture" issues while they oversee the Administrator who manages the day-to-day operations of the City.


  •   Online & Remote City Services

    Check out a list of city services that are available online or over the phone.

    3/20/2020 3:39:33 PM

  • Beware of Scams during Pandemic

    Local law enforcement is reporting an increase in scams related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware. Stimulus checks will be issued automatically. Do NOT give out banking information over the phone.

    3/28/2020 1:45:51 PM

  • Trash & Recycling Pickup Request

    Effective immediately, Tennis Sanitation is requesting that any overflow trash be bagged. No loose trash or recycling items left on the curb will be picked up, in order to keep all employees safe. Click for full details and examples.

    3/25/2020 12:10:41 PM

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