Residential Rehabilitation

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The Hastings Economic Development and Redevelopment Authority (HEDRA) recognizes the need to preserve and improve affordable housing, to preserve and make appropriate improvements to buildings which contribute to neighborhood appearance and/or the historic character of the community and to correct conditions which threaten the health, safety and welfare of residents.The purpose of the Owner-Occupied Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program is to provide supplemental financing to residents in the City of Hastings to assist in the costs of building improvements to accomplish one or more of the purposes listed above.

Eligible Applicants include those who meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. Household income must be within the limits set by HUD, annually, for low-moderate income in the Metro Area. The current income limits are available from HEDRA staff.
  2. Property is a Designated Heritage Preservation Site or is contributing to a Historic District

Eligible Activities for the Owner-Occupied Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program include:

  1. Material and labor for interior and exterior replacement, repair and remodeling
  2. HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems
  3. Health and safety and/or emergency repair
  4. Access and energy requirements
  5. Code compliance, design and fees.
  6. Demolition, additions, improvements to the grounds and repairs to accessory buildings must be specifically requested by the borrower and approved by HEDRA.

For more information about the Owner-Occupied Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program, please review the Program Information, Guidelines and Application Instructions.