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Useful Information


Property Information - Access to Dakota County GIS for property tax information, lot size, and lot boundaries. 

Zoning Map / Address Map - Property zoning and city wide addressing.

Comprehensive Land Use Map - Planned future land use and growth.

Historic Districts Map  - National and local historic districts requiring Heritage Preservation Commission Review prior to building modifications.

Flood Plain - Access to FEMA's Map Service Center for flood boundary determination.


Hastings City Code - Local ordinances governing Land Usage (Title XV), including zoning, building and subdivision.

Strategic Plan for Economic Development - Overall economic development framework focusing on actions to be taken in the near term.

Vermillion Street Corridor Study - Redevelopment framework with opportunity sites for key redevelopment area.

Heart of Hastings Plan -  Guide for future redevelopment of Downtown Hastings and surrounding neighborhoods.  

Permits & Applications

Applications - Commercial and Residential Permits, Site Plan & Land Use Applications and Building Permits.