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2019 Flood Update: April 20, 2019

Post Date:03/19/2019 12:36 PM

Flood Update April 18, 2019

Current Stage: 16.2 feet as of 7:30 a.m. on 4/20/19

Crest: A unofficial crest of 19.49 feet was reached on Monday, April 1st, and the Mississippi River was expected to recede toward a temporary low of about 15 feet, and levels are beginning to rebound towards a second crest event predicted during the week of April 21st. Flash flooding on April 17 caused that timeline to speed up.

Future Projected Levels: With the recent precipitation and flows from upstream areas now starting to make their way through Hastings, river levels are rising again after hitting a temporary low of about 15 feet on or around April 17th.  The exact level of the second crest is not known at this time, but it appears that it will be in the range of 18 feet.  Click here to view the NWS projected river stage chart.

Road Impacts/Status:

  • East 1st Street: Closed - We anticipate water levels to remain high during the week of April 21st, so expect this road to remain closed. 
  • East 4th Street: Closed east of the Vermillion River Bridge.  Residents east of this section still have access via an alternative path around the water-covered section of road.
  • Cty Rd 54 (Ravenna Tr): Currently open.
  • Lock & Dam Road: Currently closed.
  • Spiral View Loop (access to Hubs & Captains Bay Marinas) is closed to through traffic.  Water levels may remain just high enough to keep this road closed through the week of April 21st.

Park Impacts: 

  • Levee Park: 
    • Veterans' Memorial plaza - some water remains over the surface.
    • The lowest sections of the riverfront trail remain under water, directly adjacent to the Veterans' Memorial and steps to the Rotary Pavilion.
    • Levee Park overlook is accessible, but some cleanup work will be necessary.
    • Decorative light poles were removed and power to anything vulnerable has been turned off.
  • Jaycee Park/River Flats/Lake Rebecca areas:
    • Power has been turned off to light along the riverfront trail through Jaycee and River Flats parks, and to all power meters in the area. 
    • Water is very slowly receding from parking lots in the area, however they remain inaccessible at this time.
    • Boat Launch: Remains closed.

Neighborhood Impacts:

  • Water remains in the lowest portions of some back yards that are directly adjacent to the river.
  • City staff have worked with property owners to plug floor drains and toilets in lowest levels to prevent river water from entering the sanitary sewer system.
  • Currently, only homes on the north side of East 1st street will have floodwaters encroach on their properties. 

Second Street Railroad Crossing:

  • City staff and local elected officials have worked diligently to communicate with C.P. Railroad on a cooperative plan to reduce the number of times a train will block the 2nd Street Crossing during flooding, while the 1st Street passage is closed. 
  • Due to the complex nature of the rail system, blockages may happen from time to time.
  • Local emergency personnel have been authorized to contact C.P. Police in case of an emergency situation. 
  • Please be patient and add time in your schedule for possible delays. 

Emergency Response: 

  • Hastings Emergency Management team have a plan and equipment in place to assist residents on the East Side in case of an emergency. 
  • We have coordinated with Hastings Fire and Dakota County Sheriff for emergency boats to be available. 
  • Hastings Emergency Management is in contact with C.P. Rail and will work cooperatively in case of emergency.

Sandbagging Update:

  • Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who helped with the sandbag filling effort on March 23rd! 
  • Should sandbags go unneeded, the city will find uses for the sand such as filling eroded channels, back-filling trenches, and the like. They will not go to waste.

More Information: 

  • Additional information and links are available on our Flood Preparations page, located in the Residents section of the website. 
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