Green Living Series: Impact of Clothing

GREEN LIVING Sustainability Workshop Series

Each event in the series will be presented on both a Saturday afternoon and a Thursday evening at the Pleasant Hill Library. All classes are FREE!

February 1 & 6: The Impact of Clothing and How You Can Help

"The Impact of Clothing" is the first workshop in a Green Living series hosted by Minnesota GreenCorps member, Lindsay Anderson. Learn what resources go into our clothing, the issue of textile waste, and ways to create a "greener" wardrobe. Please bring an unwanted shirt (short or long-sleeved) to learn how to make a re-usable bag! FREE event.

March 5 & 7: Meal Prepping on a Budget

April 2 & 4: Green Cleaning for Earth Day

May 2 & 7:Nature Connection

June 6 & 18: Organics Recycling 101

July 11 & 23: Recycling Fest