Athletics & Recreation

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Sports & Recreation Coordinator
Phil Vargas
(651) 480-6181
Parks & Recreation Director
Chris Jenkins
(651) 480-6176
The Hastings Parks & Recreation Department offers different categories of recreational opportunities and special events. Please click on a category below to see what we offer:

Adult Athletics

  • Adult Basketball Open Gym 
  • Adult Sand Volleyball Leagues
  • Adult Softball Leagues
  • Adult Soccer Leagues
  • Kittenball Co-Rec Tournament (16") Softball - Rivertown Days

Special Events

  • Community Halloween Party
  • Kittenball Co-Rec Tournament (16" Softball) - Rivertown Days

Youth Impact Council

Youth Programs & Camps

  • Disc Golf Camp 
  • Safety Camp 
  • Ultimate Frisbee Camp
  • Flag Football Camp
  • Lacrosse Camp